All County Objectives

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Adult Probation Success

By June 2023, Probation will reduce technical violations for Black adults on formal supervision by 30% to ensure cultural responsivity to substance use disorders (SUDs) and practices, resulting in reducing recidivism and over-use of incarceration.

Key Steps

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Revise the Violation Response Grid to incorporate innovative strategies for responding to SUDs. Review and revise policies and procedures regarding testing for drugs and alcohol use, including incorporating trauma-informed practices and remove barriers that adversely impact Black adults on supervision. Leverage the department's Race Equity Initiative and trainings to increase the capacity of staff/partners to contribute to equitable outcomes for Black adults. Develop and implement an anonymous client feedback survey which may be accessed via the UpTrust tool, department website, or in person at the office with available devices and/or hard copy version available.
Plan Reference:
Baseline: Progress:
1.C.11 5% of Technical Violations by Black Adults 7% 0% (7%)

In 2019 Black adults comprise 1% of adults in Santa Cruz County, 5% of the active adult population on supervision with probation, and 7% of the population with formal violations.

A large portion of violations across all populations were related to SUD behavior and individuals with SUD related terms of supervision.

Though still overrep of County pop... the breakdown is TECH vs NEW OFF since we have less control over the NEW OFF piece (due to policing practices).