All County Objectives

# 246

Immigrant Food Security

By June 2023, the Human Services Department will enroll 10% more eligible children, who live in mixed immigration status households, into the CalFresh program.

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Key Steps

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Work with community-based partners to identify and address barriers that households with mixed immigration status face in accessing CalFresh. Identify geographical areas where potentially eligible children live to target outreach. Collaborate with partners to conduct outreach.  
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1.B.ii, 1.A.i, 1.A.ii, 5.C.ii 3,190 Children Receiving CalFresh 2,900 279% (3,710)
As a result of federal policy decisions, the number of citizen children with non-citizen parents receiving CalFresh has decreased in the last several years. In order to bolster food security in the community this objective works to provide CalFresh to an underserved portion of the population.