All County Objectives

# 247

Master Plan for Aging

By June 2023, the County Administrative Office and Human Services Department, in collaboration with partners, will identify at least two priorities to implement the State’s 10-year Master Plan for Aging (MPA) and promote age-friendly community principles.

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Key Steps

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Raise awareness of and promote the goals of the MPA among local government and community partners. Identify key partners to assess needs and advocate for the alignment of resources and policies to meet the goals of creating an age friendly community. Collaborate with partners to identify gaps in services and priorities to work towards implementation. Advocate to secure resources to fund identified priorities.
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1.A.ii, 3.B.ii, 5.B.i 2 Priorities 0 100% (2)
As part of an overall effort to address aging in Santa Cruz, this objective will raise awareness of the Master Plan on Aging, Age Friendly Community Principles, and identify at least two priorities to implement.