All County Objectives

# 248

Thrive By Three

By June 2023, Human Services will refer 20% of eligible CalWORKS families to Thrive by Three, a program to improve outcomes for Santa Cruz County’s youngest children and their families.

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Key Steps

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Identify and refer eligible families to Thrive By Three home visiting services. Refine and monitor outreach efforts to families with young children, receiving CalWORKS benefits, to encourage participation. Review referral demographics annually and refine targeted engagement strategies as needed.  
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Baseline: Progress:
1.A.iii, 5.D.ii, 6.D.iii 74 Families Referred 0 72% (53)
This objective supports an effort to expand services to improve health and wellbeing for Santa Cruz County’s youngest and most vulnerable citizens from zero to three by referring more families who receive CalWORKS to Thrive by Three programs.