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# 249

Employee Satisfaction

By June 2023, Human Services will increase by 25% employee satisfaction with professional development opportunities including applying their talents and skills through mentorship, coaching, and targeted skill building.

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Key Steps

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Establish baseline of current employee satisfaction of opportunities to develop professionally and to apply their talents and skills through employee responses to annual employee engagement survey. Re-introduce/announce pre-COVID professional development opportunities such as mentorships, shadowing, career coaching, and lead worker opportunities. Implement 2021 mentorships from March through September. Measure employee satisfaction of professional development opportunities via the annual employee engagement survey.
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Baseline: Progress:
1.A.iii, 6.B.ii 1.25 Employee Satisfaction 1 12% (1.031)
Mentorship, coaching, and targeted skill-building are part of HSD's efforts to improve employee satisfaction. This objective will measure how well those efforts are doing with department staff.