All County Objectives

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AFN Disaster Preparedness

By December 2022, Human Services will support County disaster response efforts by updating and creating disaster plans for older adults and people with Access and Functional Needs (AFN) to ensure coordinated delivery of care and shelter in a disaster.

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Collaborate with emergency and disaster response partners to identify needs and gaps for care and shelter for older adults and residents with AFN in need of shelter in an disaster. Update policies and protocols related to older adults and people with AFN in the department's disaster plan and integrate these policies into countywide disaster preparedness efforts. Provide training to Human Services staff and other county service providers on specifics of disaster response policy and protocol with regards to older adults with AFN. In the case of a disaster, implement revised emergency protocols in partnership with other responders.
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In response to the COVID pandemic and 2020 wild fires, HSD needs to improve its disaster response readiness for older adults and people with access and functional needs through identifying needs and gaps, updating its policies and protocols, and training staff.