All County Objectives

# 224

Contaminated Property

By June 2023, Health Services will prioritize remediation, and bring case closure on 25% of contaminated properties in economically disadvantaged communities.

Key Steps

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Review all site remediation cases with the Environmental Health Site Mitgation Unit (SMU) as lead, and prioritize based on equity/environmental justice. Engage with County Geographic Information Systems (GIS) staff to include a Site Mitigation layer in County GIS map for SMU to lead the remediation of contaminated properties in disadvantaged communities. Reach out to responsible parties of contaminated sites shown on the GIS map located in disadvantaged communities. Enroll approximately 25% of contaminated property responsible parties in the Voluntary Cleanup Program.
Plan Reference:
Baseline: Progress:
1.B.ii, 2.C.ii, 4.C.i 2 Remediated Properties 0 100% (2)