All County Objectives

# 230

Crisis Residential

By June 2023, Health Services will construct a crisis residential program to increase bed capacity by 16 to provide an alternative to hospitalization or locked care for individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis.

Key Steps

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Retain a qualified architect with healthcare experience to do building design. Engage stakeholders, staff, in designing a facility that will be warm and welcoming to clients and family members. Finalize plan and approve. Submit application to the California Department of Health Care Services for a competitive grant to fund the construction of the crisis residential program. If approved for funding, seek Board of Supervisors approval to proceed with bidding process for construction. Release bidding package. Select construction firm and seek Board approval to proceed. Construct new facility at 2250 Soquel Ave.
Plan Reference:
Baseline: Progress:
1.B.ii, 1.D.i, 2.D.ii 16 Crisis Residential Beds 0 1% (0.15)