All County Objectives

# 231

Youth Crisis Intervention

By June 2024, Health Services will provide Mobile Emergency Response Team for Youth (MERTY) crisis intervention services to 200 youth annually.

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Key Steps

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Actively recruit and onboard licensed bilingual clinicians and bilingual family partner and staff. Provide public outreach and education on enhanced service delivery model, specifically on crisis intervention response services for youth in community and field-based settings. Finalize conversion of a Mercedes Benz Freightliner Sprinter van into a behavioral health mobile office with seating for a multi-disciplinary team, caregivers/parent and youth. Launch MERTY services, with coverage countywide, providing crisis intervention services, reducing psychiatric hospitalizations and promoting family and client-centered pathways into behavioral health treatment.
Plan Reference:
Baseline: Progress:
1.B.ii, 1.D.i, 6.A.iii 200 Youth Served per Year 0 138% (275)