All County Objectives

# 302

Multi-Disciplinary Interviews

By June 2023, the District Attorney will minimize re-traumatization of child survivors by targeting a standard of one interview per child per case.

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Key Steps

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Increase attendance by Child Protective Services (CPS) when appropriate to ensure true "multi-disciplinary" approach. Improve existing process for ensuring qualified, forensically trained non-English speaking interviewers are available to assist in related investigations and prosecutions. Develop and implement outreach program to local law enforcement, as well as the public about the availability and advantages of the service. Continue to work with local law enforcement to increase the percentage of appropriate cases refered to the service.
Plan Reference:
Baseline: Progress:
1.C.i, 1.C.iv, 6.A.iii 1 interview per case 0 100%
Baseline for interviews to be established by December 2021.