All County Objectives

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Father Engagement

By June 2023, Human Services will increase engagement of fathers, with 80% of reunification cases having a father participating in child welfare case planning.

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Key Steps

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Design and deliver Father Engagement skill building training for staff on the importance of fathers in the lives of their children, strategies to engage with fathers, address biases, promote best practices. Includes delivering same training to partner age Collaborate with PAPAS to develop countywide network/advisory group to emphasize the importance of improving father engagement in all family serving agencies. Refer eligible fathers to programs specializing in their engagement such as PAPAS and consult with programs on ways to engage, serve, and support fathers. Continue to incorporate father friendly principles into Family and Children's Services-funded contracts with service providers to support father-specific programming in all partner programs and community-based services.
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1.A.iii, 1.B.iii, 1.D.ii 80% Percent Engaged 72% 88% (79%)
In order to improve child welfare outcomes, the department is working to improve father engagement when a child is removed from the home.