All County Objectives

# 243

Shelter to Housing

By June 2022, Human Services will move at least 68 Hispanic/Latinx, American Indian or Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, Asian, Black or African American, or Multi-Racial households currently in COVID-19 shelters into permanent homes.

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Key Steps

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Execute contracts with a range of re-housing wave support programs for COVID-19 shelter guests. Link new supportive service programs and their clients with rapid re-housing and permanent housing subsidy programs. Provide networking, training, and support for re-housing service providers and their clients. Mobilize private sector property owners to contribute to re-housing wave efforts in the County.
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1.B.ii, 2.D.i, 5.A.ii 68 Households of Color Housed 0 100% (68)
This objective is part of a rehousing wave of services intended to help individuals housed in emergency shelters during COVID-19 move into permanent homes. Currently 28% of households in Covid expanded shelters identify as Latinx, so the objective looks to house a similar percentage (48 out of 170) in permanent housing.