All County Objectives

# 242

Permanent Supportive Housing

By December 2023, Human Services, in collaboration with community partners, will increase the number of permanent supportive housing slots countywide by 20% or 100.

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Key Steps

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Develop a strong and informed action-oriented partnership with key leaders and stakeholders within the community. Establish a housing and capital facilities workgroup to track and promote supportive housing project opportunities in the County. Meet on a regular basis with staff from the Housing Authority of the County of Santa Cruz to coordinate, improve, and explore expansions of permanent supportive housing in the County. Link supportive services programs and resources with specific affordable housing opportunities to create the support in supportive housing.
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1.B.ii, 1.D.ii, 2.D.i, 5.A.ii 600 Permanent Supportive Housing Slots 500 338%(838)
This objective is part of a targeted expansion in resources and permanent housing pathways to increase the Permanent Supportive Housing capacity within the housing crisis response system.