All County Objectives

# 313

County Recovery Plan

Consolidated with Objective 314: Climate Action Strategy.
By December 2024, OR3 will review Recovery lessons learned from CZU, and 2023 Winter Storms and complete a draft County Recovery Work plan to the Board of Supervisors, informed by targeted outreach to disaster impacted residents, countywide residents, and disadvantaged or marginalized communities at risk.

Key Steps

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Establish National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF) for document. Conduct stakeholder outreach to community, EMC support agencies, CalFIRE, local and regional NGOs. Identify and prioritize County NDRF projects. Study after action review, CalOES/FEMA, other State and Federal guidance on best practices.
Plan Reference:
4.D.ii, 1.A.ii, 6.D.ii Recovery Plan Created 25%