All County Objectives

# 270

Water Use in Parks

By June 2023, Parks will analyze park irrigation accounts to measure baseline water usage and costs, identify long-term sustainable options for reducing both water usage and costs, and prioritize parks in which to implement changes.

Key Steps

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Identify, compile, measure, and analyze park irrigation accounts, historical water usage, and each water district's pricing tier structure, tier thresholds, and surge/surplus charges. Identify multiple options to reduce water use that are sustainable for the long-term. Conduct cost/benefit analysis and identify and prioritize parks with higher water usage, higher water costs, and/or where changes can result in the greatest savings in water usage and/or cost.  
Plan Reference:
4.A.i, 4.B.i, 4.C.i, 4.D.i, 6.C.i Baseline Water Use Established 100%