All County Objectives

# 278

Tiny Homes

Amended to extend timeline by 6 months.

By December 2022, Planning will develop ordinances and any necessary General Plan policy changes to include provisions that allow the construction of tiny homes and tiny home villages.

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Key Steps

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Conduct research on other communities' tiny homes ordinances. Conduct public outreach, including outreach to community groups and housing advocates, and community meetings to gather input on the issues surrounding tiny homes. Submit draft ordinance to Planning Commission and Housing Advisory Commission that allows tiny homes (including tiny homes on foundations and on wheels) as primary units and accessory dwelling units. Coordinate with Human Services staff on necessary General Plan/County Code amendments to allow supportive housing, including options for tiny homes villages.
Plan Reference:
2.A.i, 2.C.i, 2.C.ii, 5.A.i Tiny Home Ordinance Adopted 60%