All County Objectives

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General Plan Update

By December 2022, Planning will submit to the Planning Commission a draft update to the County’s General Plan to include policies focused on equity and environmental justice for disadvantaged communities.

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Key Steps

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Review SB 535 (Disadvantaged Communities), SB 1000 (Planning for Healthy Communities Act), and toolkits and resources related to these Environmental Justice statutory requirements. Develop appropriate strategies to implement environmental justice policies, with a responsible party associated with each strategy. Vet environmental justice policies and implementation strategies with local agencies and community partners and update as needed based on feedback. Develop outreach materials describing the concept of Environmental Justice and the proposed policies and strategies. Conduct community outreach using the department’s draft public outreach plan.
Plan Reference:
1.A.iii, 2.A.i, 2.B.i, 2.C.ii Draft General Plan Submitted 60%