All County Objectives

# 275

Public Participation

By June 2023, Planning will improve equitable engagement through adopting a public participation plan, and accessibility improvements to 30% of the Planning website.

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Key Steps

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Conduct research and collect data to identify communities reached and not reached by existing strategies. Identify disadvantaged communities using local sources and CalEPA environmental justice mapping and other tools. Implement live captions for all public meetings and provide captions for recorded meetings by December 2021. Identify and update at least 30% of webpages, forms, and other online public materials with plain language, to allow easier navigation. Develop public participation plan with specific outreach goals to engage community in the long-range policy planning process, and targeted outreach to disadvantaged and multilingual communities. Employ the public participation plan strategies within active policy projects such as the Sustainability Update and Tiny Homes Regulations.
Plan Reference:
6.A.iii, 2.B.ii, 5.A.i Public Participation Plan Adopted 100%