All County Objectives

# 272

Fire Survivor Permits

By June 2023, Planning will maintain integrated and efficient Recovery Permit Center (RPC) services to benefit fire survivors by  maintaining 7-10 day turnaround time on building permits.

Key Steps

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Shift from fully remote operations to offer both in-person and remote access to 100% of services. Provide community outreach via townhalls and community meetings to reach more survivors with services; attend at least six rebuilding community meetings. Monitor building permit review turn around times to ensure single family dwelling review time is 7-10 working days or less. Identify metrics to describe the performance of the RPC and the pace of the recovery as indicated by issued building permits.
Plan Reference:
Baseline: Progress:
6.A.ii, 2.C.ii, 4.D.ii 10 Permit Processing Days 10 100%(10)