All County Objectives

# 323

Re-entry Services

By June 2023, Probation will increase by 10% successful program completion for AB 109 funded re-entry services.

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Key Steps

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Partner w/UpTrust to learn about innovative technology to to enhance client engagement and support in order to improve individual outcomes and add technology capacity to increase service delivery that is also offered in culturally responsive ways. Pilot the UpTrust program with a small group of staff representing a variety of superision types with a subset of individuals supervised in order to refine process and procedure. Train all Division staff on the software and key steps for data entry and roll out full implementation across all post conviction supervision caseloads in the Adult Division.  
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Baseline: Progress:
1.C.ii, 1.A.ii, 6.A.iii 31% Percent Successful Completions 28% 533% (44%)
Served to decrease recidivism and support responsivity tounmet need and court ordered terms