All County Objectives

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South County Services

By December 2022, Probation will establish a South County Probation Service Center (PSC) with access to at least 75% of equivalent services offered at the North County PSC.

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Key Steps

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Leverage existing North County PSC partnerships and add South County partnerships to improve and increase support services to clients of color. Collaborate with the Capital Projects Team to participate in the Gensler Workplace Mobility Strategy for the Westridge Facility. Utilize client focus group feedback from the Arnold Ventures' Reducing Revocations Challenge and existing partner agencies to inform service strategies to meet South County client needs. Collaborate with community partners to provide programming in Spanish.
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Baseline: Progress:
1.C.i, 1.C.iii, 5.D.i 75% Percent of Services Available 0 115% (86%)
The 75% target was selected to allow room for community specific / culturally responsive needs or services which may differ from the North County PSC location.