All County Objectives

# 320

Juvenile Hall Admissions

By June 2024, Probation will decrease by 28% admissions for youth of color by offering supportive services to youth earlier, decreasing the unnecessary use of detention.

Key Steps

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Expand eligibility access for STAR program and increase access to re-entry services for youth of color through this program and other diversion options. Build staff and partner capacity to increase non-detention responses (revise re-entry plans, detention policy revisions- RAI).    
Plan Reference:
Baseline: Progress:
1.C.ii, 1.A.i 50% YOC Percent of Intakes to Juvenile Hall 78% 14% (74%)
Efforts will seek to decrease JH admissions for YOC consistently over the next two years and track data indicators for YOC; Research indicates that detention is harmful to most youth and increases recidivism and likelihood of further penetration in the juvenile justice system.