All County Objectives

# 319

Juvenile Justice

By June 2022, Probation will implement solutions for local youth impacted by the closure of the State's Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), including care for youth ordered into the Secure Youth Facilities Track and comprehensive re-entry services.

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Key Steps

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Leverage the local DJJ Realignment Block Grant Annual Plan to guide implementation of legislatively required and culturally responsive elements of the plan. Develop practices and policies to direct secure track commitments, case planning/youth and family engagement, and re-entry planning. Leverage the department's Race Equity Initiative and trainings to increase the capacity of staff/partners to contribute to equitable outcomes for youth.  
Plan Reference:
1.A.i, 1.C.ii Youth Transitioned 100%
Successfully implement required elements of SB 823 and provide culturally responsive youth and family engagement to support Re-entry and commitment diversion efforts