All County Objectives

# 220

Access to Services

By June 2023, Child Support Services will increase current support collections by 1% above Prior Year through outreach that promotes access to services.

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Key Steps

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Improve methods that increase the amount of current support collected to target DCSS Federal Performance Measure #3: Collections on Current Support. Increase outreach to Spanish-language speakers and add outreach to parents self-identifying as LGBTQIA+ through increased social media presence in partnership with the State. Expand training and outreach to increase cultural competence and humility of staff, and develop partnerships with local advocacy groups. Identify incomplete applications and outreach to potential customers to determine eligibility and complete application.
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Baseline: Progress:
6.A.ii, 1.B.iii, 1.A.ii $9,121,817 Child Support Dollars 0 88% ($8,034,899)