All County Objectives

# 317

Youth Graduating

By June of 2023, Probation will seek to increase the number of youth of color on track to graduate to 50%. These youth are participants in the Student Success Program (SSP).

Key Steps

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Increase the number of youth served with social emotional and culturally responsive interventions (for Probation students) and implement practices with education partners. Provide employment services to probation students to support prosocial and school engagement. Partner with community-based organizations to develop parent engagement groups to support student engagement/credit accruals. Leverage the department's Race Equity Initiative and trainings to increase the capacity of staff/partners to contribute to equitable outcomes for youth of color.
Plan Reference:
Baseline: Progress:
1.B.iii, 1.C.ii, 5.D.i 50% Percent of youth on track to graduate 39% 255% (67%)
Increasing credit accruals supports probation YOC to increase graduation rates and access to higher ED/Voc/Trade school; earn livable wages; increase public safety.