All County Objectives

# 178

AB 109 Recidivism

By June 2021, Probation will decrease by 10% the three-year recidivism rate for the AB 109 population, as defined by the California Board of State and Community Corrections.


Key Steps

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Utilize baseline recidivism rate established by Probation's 2018 external program evaluation. Utilize the new Probation Service Center to increase participation in evidence-based services. Continue to work with partners to improve outcomes of treatment and support programs.  
Plan Reference: Collaborating Depts:
Baseline: Progress:
1.C.ii, 2.D.i, 5.A.ii CAO, HSA, HSD, SHF 42% AB 109 Recidivism Rate 47% 20% (46%)
 Though commonly used, recidivism can be an overly simplistic and misleading binary measure – essentially measuring failures… and is more reflective of system practices and procedures. Practices which often have more negative impacts on persons and communities of color. Focusing on POSITIVE OUTCOMES provides a more comprehensive picture of behavior change and wellbeing. For this reason, there are five (5) services highlighted on the Dashboard which are offered to AB 109 clients based on their needs – these areas speak more to behavior change and wellbeing.