All County Objectives

# 126

Permit Center Team

By December 2019, Planning will establish inter-department "Permit Center Team" (PCT) communication protocols and collaboration mechanisms to maximize efficiencies and problem solving.


Key Steps

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Establish monthly PCT meetings of key staff from each permitting division/department for collaboration, cross-training, problem-solving and team-building. Work to review existing timeframes that establish deadlines for plan check comments by agencies; and revise to ensure aggressive yet realistic times, by class of permit. Review existing counter materials to identify needed updates, and then implement a program of updates which will be completed. Ensure that public counter staff know codes and permit processes, are trained for consistent answers to questions, and are cross-trained to understand other departments' roles.
Plan Reference: Collaborating Depts:
2.B.i, 2.C.ii, 6.A.ii  DPW, HSA Permit Center Team 100%