All County Objectives

# 100

Housing Assistance

All key steps have been implemented and this objective is considered complete even though the target was not met. Finding permanent housing for people experiencing homelessness in the County is challenging. Progress was 80% of the target, and highly impacted by COVID-19 and the wildfires.
By June 2021, Human Services housing assistance programs will house 187 unique individuals/families experiencing homelessness.


Key Steps

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Continue agreements for Bringing Families Home, which serves families who are at risk of homelessness, and Housing for Disabled Adults Program. Monitor implementing partners, and establish new protocols to administer HOME SAFE, a program to prevent homelessness with seniors. Track number of people housed and review lessons learned.  
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Baseline: Progress:
2.D.ii HSC 187 Individuals/Families 1 81% (151)
This target provides information on HSD's housing programs' contributions towards ending homelessness. The objective counts households that were housed as a result of the four housing support programs: CalWORKS Housing and Move in Program (CHAMP), Bringing Families Home (BFH), Housing Disability Advocacy Program (HDAP) and Home Safe.  HSD also provides other supports that may lead to housing, however these programs are solely dedicated for that purpose.