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Whole Person Care

The Whole Person Care Pilot expects to be granted a one-year extension for services. The Health Services Agency will develop a new objective for the pilot program for the FY 2021-23 Operational Plan.
By December 2020, Health Services will complete implementation of pilot program to improve the outcomes of adult Medi-Cal beneficiaries with behavioral health and chronic medical conditions.

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Key Steps

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Recruit and enroll 625 unduplicated adult Medi-Cal beneficiaries. Train sixty clients in evidence-based practice program of Integrated Illness Management and Recovery. Implement telehealth monitoring devices for 120 individuals with a mental illness and/or substance use disorder and a co-occurring health condition. Increase percent of housing navigated clients that secure housing from 70% to 90%.
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1.D.i, 2.D.ii HSC, HSD Whole Person Care Pilot 100%