All County Objectives

# 93

Veterans Outreach

All key steps have been implemented and this objective is considered complete even though the target was not met. Due to COVID and other delays several key steps were delayed which impacted the number and types of outreach, including both Vets Halls being utilized as COVID shelters.
By June 2021, Human Services will conduct 15% more outreach contacts with Veterans in order to connect them with their benefits and local resources.


Key Steps

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Identify outreach strategies. Increase outreach events and mobile outreach to rural areas or areas with potentially underserved vets. Review data to ensure increase in outreach. Hold bimonthly staff meetings to enhance efforts as needed.
Plan Reference: Collaborating Depts:
Baseline: Progress:
5.A.ii CAO, HSA 8,000 Contacts/Events 7,000 74% (5,937)