All County Objectives

# 87

Best Practices

By June 2021, Human Services, through CORE Investments, will develop an online library of evidence-based programs/practices associated with the CORE Conditions.


Key Steps

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Build community agreement on the structure, features, and user interface, the process for submitting and including programs. Identify options and select the web-based platform for the library of programs. Build, test, and conduct a soft launch of the program library. Continue providing training understanding, selecting, implementing, and evaluating evidence-based programs and practices.
Plan Reference: Collaborating Depts:
1.A.i, 5.A.i, 6.D.iii HSA, PRB Online Program/Practice Library 100%
While many of the current frameworks and tools for selecting specific evidence-based programs and practices to implement reflect a nuanced understanding of the benefits and biases of research and evaluation studies, it is still challenging for many decision-makers and service providers to know where to turn for guidance. Having centralized access to current information in an online “library” will facilitate greater understanding of the range of effective programs, practices, and policies that are likely to contribute to both community- and program-level results in the CORE Conditions.