All County Objectives

# 86

Community Impact

By June 2021, Human Services, through CORE Investments, will develop an online menu of community- and program-level results associated with the CORE conditions.


Key Steps

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Identify options and select the web-based platform and user interface for the interactive menu. Continue to partner with DataShare Santa Cruz County on data projects. Build, test, and conduct a soft launch of the menu prototype. Launch the menu to the broader community of County departments, local funders, strategic plan owners, service providers, and other interested groups.
Plan Reference: Collaborating Depts:
1.B.i, 1.B.iii, 6.D.iii HSA, PRB Online Menu 100%
The online results menu will provide a framework that assists funders, policymakers, service providers, and community-led groups in their efforts to align priorities and investments to achieve common goals. The menu will make a distinction between program-level outcomes and community-level impacts, which are more likely to accrue in the long-term if collective impact approaches such as CORE are effective.