All County Objectives

# 83

Homeless Navigation

The County has supported the operations of two low-barrier shelter programs in North and South County. Despite neither location having the full complement of resources consistent with the original desired navigation center concept, this objective is considered complete since all of the key steps have been completed. The objective was unable to be fully met because of complications with COVID-19.
By June 2021, Homeless Services Coordination will work with the Homeless Action Partnership to plan and open year-round homeless services centers in North and South County.

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Key Steps

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Develop current capacity baseline and needs analysis. Research and analyze best practices to both stabilize and assist in securing housing. Determine if any County-owned buildings or property can be used. Develop an operating model that incorporates County services.
Plan Reference: Collaborating Depts:
1.A.iii, 2.D.ii HSA, HSD, PLN North/South Homeless Service Centers 90%