All County Objectives

# 82

Emergency Shelter

Withdrawn due to COVID impact on shelter operations. Overall capacity has increased 70% since April 2020, with most of the expansion funded through short-term federal and State emergency funding. The newly formed Housing for Health division will reconstitute this objective for the 2021-23 plan.
By June 2021, Homeless Services Coordination will work with Homeless Action Partnership to increase total emergency shelter and/or emergency bridge housing bed capacity by 20% each year over the 2019 baseline.

Key Steps

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Develop current capacity baseline and needs analysis. Research and analyze public facilities throughout the County where emergency shelter can be provided by right and or privately with willing owners. Determine whether any County-owned buildings or property can be used for shelter. Develop an operating model that incorporates County services such as primary care and connections to benefits.
Plan Reference: Collaborating Depts:
2.D.i HSA, HSD, PLN Establish Baseline 60%
The Housing and Urban Development "Housing Inventory Count" or HIC is used to track emergency shelter capacity in communities. County 2019 HIC, which should serve as our baseline measurement, indicates 441 beds: 160 seasonal, 281 year-round.