Directory of Public Officials


           Elective Officers                     Term Ends

Supervisor, 1st District                                      Janet K. Beautz                        January 2005

Supervisor, 2nd District                                    Ellen Pirie                                 January 2005

Supervisor, 3rd District                                     Mardi Wormhoudt                    January 2003

Supervisor, 4th District                                     Tony Campos                           January 2007

Supervisor, 5th District                                     Jeff Almquist                             January 2005

State Senator                                                    Bruce McPherson                     January 2007

Assemblyman-27th District                               Fred Keeley                             January 2003

Congressman-17th District                                Sam Farr                                  January 2005

Assessor                                                          Robert Petersen                        January 2003

Auditor-Controller                                            Gary A. Knutson                      January 2007

County Clerk-Recorder/
Treasurer-Tax Collector                                   Richard Bedal                           January 2007

District Attorney-Public Administrator               Kathryn Canlis                          January 2003

Sheriff-Coroner                                                Mark Tracy                              January 2007



Appointive Officials

Administrative Officer                                                   Susan Mauriello

Affirmative Action Officer                                             Ana Ventura-Phares

Agricultural Commissioner                                            David Moeller

County Counsel (Acting)                                               Dana McRae

Director of Agricultural Extension                                  Laura Tourte

Director of General Services                                         Robert Watson

Director of Information Services                                    Kenneth Wedderburn

Director of Human Resources Agency                           Cecilia Espinola

Director of Planning                                                      Alvin James

Director of Public Works/Road Commissioner              Thomas Bolich

Deputy Fire Marshal                                                     Steve Wert

Emergency Services Coordinator                                  Michael Dever

Health Officer                                                               Dr. David McNutt

Health Services Administrator                                       Rama Khalsa

Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services                        Barry C. Samuel

Personnel Director                                                        Dania Torres-Wong

Probation Officer                                                          John Rhoads

Redevelopment Agency Administrator                           Tom Burns

Veteran's Service Officer                                              Cy Wannarka