Santa Cruz County Grand Jury
Final Report

 for 2009-2010

701 Ocean Street, Room 318-I
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 454-2099


Table of Contents

Letter From the Foreperson  (pdf)

Introduction  (pdf)

Grand Jurors (pdf)

Instructions to Respondents (pdf)

Penal Code ¦ 933.05 (pdf)


Does Appearance Trump Substance?
The Watsonville City Personnel Commission's Discipline Appeal Process

The Fiscal Impact of the Legalization of Cannabis on the Citizens of Santa Cruz  (pdf)

Forever Gr$$n, But Not Transparent
Why Does the Grand Jury Keep Investigating the Primary Public Defender Contract?

How to Catch the RecoveryWave and a Catalogue of Residential Treatment Facilities

The Jail Inspection Reports  (pdf)

Saving the Branches May Kill the Tree
The Fate of the Santa Cruz City/County Public Libraries

Up a Creek without a Financial Paddle
The Lompico County Water District

ContinuityąThe Beginning of the Never-ending Report
Follow-up on the 2008-2009 Santa Cruz County Grand Jury Final Report

PDF of complete 2009-10 Grand Jury Final Report 

PDF of Received Responses