Santa Cruz County Grand Jury
Final Report and Responses

 for 2007-2008

701 Ocean Street, Room 318-I
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 454-2099


Table of Contents

Cover Page  (pdf)

Letter From the Foreperson  (pdf)

Introduction to the Santa Cruz County Grand Jury  (pdf)

List and Photo of Grand Jurors (pdf)

Code Compliance Enforcement – Does it pass inspection?  (pdf)
      Santa Cruz County’s handling of code violation complaints

Handpicked for the Job?  (pdf)
      A look at allegations of unfair hiring practices by Santa Cruz County

The List  (pdf)
      Complete list of all of Santa Cruz County’s special districts

A Promise Kept  (pdf)
      Health care for low-income families

Santa Cruz County Jails Review  (pdf)
      Main Jail  (pdf)
      Rountree Detention Facilities  (pdf)
      Juvenile Hall  (pdf)
      Blaine Street Women’s Facility  (pdf)
      Court Holding – Santa Cruz  (pdf)
      Court Holding – Watsonville  (pdf)
      Camp 45  (pdf)

Watsonville Public Library – Potential for Greatness  (pdf)
      Review of Watsonville’s new Main Library

What is "County Fire"?  (pdf)
      Fire protection in County Service Area 48

Instructions for Respondents  (pdf)

PDF of complete 2007-08 Grand Jury Final Report