Santa Cruz County Grand Jury
Final Report

 for 2007-2008

701 Ocean Street, Room 318-I
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 454-2099


Table of Contents

Introduction to the Santa Cruz County Grand Jury  (pdf)

Letter From the Foreperson  (pdf)

List and Photo of Grand Jurors (pdf)

Code Compliance Enforcement – Does it pass inspection?  (pdf)
      Santa Cruz County’s handling of code violation complaints

Handpicked for the Job?  (pdf)
      A look at allegations of unfair hiring practices by Santa Cruz County

The List  (pdf)
      Complete list of all of Santa Cruz County’s special districts

A Promise Kept  (pdf)
      Health care for low-income families

Santa Cruz County Jails Review  (pdf)
      Main Jail  (pdf)
      Rountree Detention Facilities  (pdf)
      Juvenile Hall  (pdf)
      Blaine Street Women’s Facility  (pdf)
      Court Holding – Santa Cruz  (pdf)
      Court Holding – Watsonville  (pdf)
      Camp 45  (pdf)

Watsonville Public Library – Potential for Greatness  (pdf)
      Review of Watsonville’s new Main Library

What is "County Fire"?  (pdf)
      Fire protection in County Service Area 48

Instructions for Respondents  (pdf)

PDF of complete 2007-08 Grand Jury Final Report